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October 10, 2010

Book Review ~ Sleeping with the Fishes

Title: Sleeping with the Fishes
Author: MaryJancie Davidson
Rating: 5

Fred is not your ordinary mermaid. She's not blonde. She's not buxom. And she's definitely not perky. In fact, Fred can be downright cranky. And it doesn't help matters that her hair is blue.

Fred is a force to be reckoned with, she doesn’t do what other people tell her to do, she’s very unique and holds her own. She reminds me of Betsy from MaryJanice Davidson’s ‘Queen Betsy’ series. They have similar attitudes in that they are always right and they are both outstandingly funny with their snappy humour.

The first page had me laughing so hard, it would have been the most awkward moment in the history of awkward moments! The book was such a great read and can safely say that MaryJanice Davidson is one of my all time favourite authors! This book is a   MUST read!

(next book is swimming without a net)


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  1. I wasn't sure about this book but I think I'll give it an opportunity since I think it would be fun to read about mermaids.

    Thanks for the review!