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December 13, 2010

Book Review ~ Undead and Unappreciated

Title: Undead and Unappreciated
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Rating: 5
Cover: 4
Most women would love to live as royalty, but Betsy has found that being vampire queen has more problems than perks, except for always being awake for Midnight Madness sales. It may be easy to find blood (yuck) in the dark of night, but try finding a strawberry smoothie. And employees at her nightclub Scratch have been giving her nothing but grief since she killed their former boss. Some people...

But Betsy's "life" takes an interesting turn at a baby shower for her wicked stepmother, who lets it slip that Betsy has a long-lost half sister. Now twenty years old, this woman just so happens to be the devil's daughter...and destined to rule the world.

Undead and Unappreciated is the third book in the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson. I absolutely LOVED the first two books and this book was another great one. I am personally a huge fan of her writing style and enjoy every last word! This book is probably my favourite out of the three I've read, it is gripping, humorous, original and just a great read.

I adore Betsy and her shoe fetish! She is a great character with a great sense of humor. The comedy in these books is what makes me like them so much more than others. It's hard to find a funny paranormal book and this book hits the spot! It is simply amazing and if you haven't already read the first to... scamper off and buy them :p



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